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Our trade show exhibit team is our greatest asset.

Our long-term repeat clients know us for our outstanding value. Whether you rent, lease or purchase, the value inherent in each Expon Exhibit derives from a blend of six important ingredients: communication, strategic planning, craftsmanship, creativity, personal service and price. Of these six elements, the most important is communication...and that starts with people. We provide branding and exhibit solutions for corporate America. That's our business...and our passion. We combine a broad perspective with a narrowly focused mission - increasing your sales. Success begins and ends with our commitment to your goals..

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How much is your time worth? Shouldn’t your time be spent in the weeks preceding the show preparing your people and materials.? You have enough to think about, let us take care of the rest! From design and planning to logistics and compliance we are in your corner.

  • Exhibit Design & Graphics

    No matter what your vision is we can help you achieve it. Our experienced design team knows how to discuss and evaluate your needs and apply them to the unique challenges that displaying in a trade show offer. In this competitive environment every little bit helps. Use our people and the years of knowledge we have gained to help you create a booth that will keep people talking long after the doors close. Let our creative designers bring your ideas to life and take your concept to the next level with modern materials and techniques.


    Do you know the Rules and Regulations for your event location? They all have them and they are all different. Are you familiar with the fees and requirements involved with Union Labor, Drayage , Cleaning, Electricity, carpet and furnishings. One wrong element can make a trade show at the least more stressful and at the worst unworkable. Knowing the ins and outs of the trade show is our business. Why take chances when you can be prepared and confident in your display approach and knowledge. That way you can spend your time devoted to the end goal. Business.


    So the trade show is over. Where do you keep your new exhibit?There is always the garage or that unused room at the shop but what assurances do you have that it will last over time. Then the next event is up and it is time to load it all up in the trucks and haul it to the venue to get ready for set up. Take the stress and worry out of this with our storage and transportation packages. With our plans you can notify us of the event and we will pull your exhibit from our secure storage facility and transport it securely to the venue. Once the show is done we will return it back to storage for the next show.


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